100% Arabica Single Origin; French Mission and Bourbon variety, cultivated in the Northern Province region, at Gakenke district, at 2 thousand meters in elevation. It’s a washed coffee, double fermentation (24 hours). 

This coffee origin is part of a project dedicated to the promotion of women in the African production areas. The Twongerekawa Coko cooperative is guided by a female president and includes 134 producers, 96 of which are women. The farmers working for the cooperative receive an education on the best farming practices and on the professional coffee production techniques, with the goal of creating a better return for the farmers in terms of development, which translates into an improvement of the women’s life conditions and of the territory in which they live.

It’s a sweet coffee, with red fruits and mandarin notes.

SPECIES: Arabica
PRODUCTION AREA: Northern Province, Gakenke district
VARIETY: French Mission, Bourbon.
METHOD: Washed, 24-hour double fermentation.
ALTITUDE: 1,800-2,200 m

AROMA: Red fruit, plum, raspberry
TASTE: Sweet, with notes of red fruits and tangerine
BODY: Burly and rounded
ACIDITY: Complex and bright
AFTERTASTE: Extremely clean with hints of candied fruit and caramel